About ARC
American Recyclers Company (ARC) is a division of the Environmental Service Group (ESG), a professional waste management firm established in 1986 to provide Turn-Key Environmental Solution Services. We operate a Non-Hazardous Solid Waste Transfer Station to minimize transportation costs associated with disposal of various common, Non-Hazardous (Non-RCRA) waste types.

Reliability and Experience
Sharing office and warehouse space with ESG (at 177 Wales Avenue in Tonawanda, New York) allows ARC to offer low prices on a wide-range of material handling services. All operations and marketing of ARC are handled exclusively by ESG.

Fully Permitted
ARC is a fully permitted facility which follows all federal, state and local regulations. US EPA ID # NYR000030809, NYSDEC Permit #9-1416-00057/00001, Facility/Program Number: 15T18

Transfer Facility
Operations include the acceptance, storage, and solidification (where applicable) and bulking of Non-Hazardous Industrial Wastes through consolidation prior to disposal or recycling. No Hazardous, Medical, Etiological, Asbestos, or Radioactive waste is accepted or processed at the facility. The majority of wastes accepted by ARC are containerized quantities retained for consolidation prior to transfer off-site for bulk (i.e. Tank Truck or Roll-Off Boxes) disposal or recycling.

Cost-Effectively Green
Through consolidation, ARC can offer competitive pricing for both industries and individuals producing small or large quantities of Non-Hazardous wastes within our service area. Call ARC Customer Service now at 1-800-348-0316 to speak to a knowlegable representative about how you can Go Green, Efficiently AND Cost-Effectively!