Non-Hazardous Facility
ARC transfer facility operations include the acceptance, holding, solidification (where applicable) and bulking of non-hazardous waste through consolidation prior to disposal or recycling. No RCRA hazardous, medical, etiological, asbestos or radioactive wastes are accepted or processed at the facility.

The transfer station is located in the existing storage warehouse at the ARC/ESG office site in Tonawanda, New York. The ARC/ESG (The Environmental Service Group) offices and transfer station site are located at 177 Wales Avenue in Tonawanda Industrial Center, an M-1 (manufacturing) zoned area.

The transfer facility is regulated under 6 NYCRR Parts 360-1 and 360-11. In accordance with 6 NYCRR Part 374-3, Standards for Universal Wastes, and ARC has sent written notification of universal waste management to the EPA Regional Administrator.

The facility building was reviewed for compliance with state and local building and fire codes, and based upon the transfer facility operations detailed in the initial permit application, was deemed to be in compliance.